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Millet Gate Millets

We are a social enterprise that is engaged in empowering farmers and consumers through the promotion of sustainably farmed health grains to replace rice and wheat in consumer diets.

Our products, branded under the name 'PAASAM', are namely 'Barnyard Millet' and 'Kodo Millet', with more products in the pipeline.

The products are extremely healthy and we are one of the only companies which package millets with their bran content unpolished, thereby retaining their nutritive values.

The products have been attractively packaged in standing pouches with ziplock, using fully automated machines.

Millet is more than only an interesting distinct food supplement to the more basic grains. Our nourishment positioning system qualified it as a decent source of some essential nutrients.


"We keep an eye on the quality of our food to be polished & Semi Polished, but not our grains to be polished"